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Brand New Colony

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10th January 2009

strubenator8:10pm: Such Great Heights
I'm not sure where else to turn, so I hope someone can help me. My fiance wants Such Great Heights to be our first dance at our wedding but a slower version than on the album (if such a thing exists). I know of the kind of creepy guy from Garden State, but she really wants a Postal Service version. I tried slowing it down myself but it really messes up the vocals. Anything, live, acoustic, etc. is fine. Thanks for any help.


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9th August 2007

yellow_madillo6:46pm: I have to say I have never met so many people who love the Postal Service as much as I do.  Glad I found this!

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19th March 2007

indecisean11:01pm: Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer covers Death Cab For Cutie!
I noticed Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls) just put up an excellent cover of Death Cab For Cutie's "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" on her solo MySpace...it's well, well worth checking out/downloading. I've always loved that song, and really liked what she did with it...check it out HERE...

(By the way, not sure how many of you are familiar with Amanda or The Dolls, but they're absolutely amazing -- one of my favorite bands, even...if you dig the DCFC cover, they've also been covering "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service live for a few years -- there's a download of that available HERE on The Brigade -- their live/rarities MP3 archive)
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19th December 2006

oh_halo2:47pm: http://www.mp3.com.au/artist.asp?id=26409

If you're into Growing, Sunn0)), Godseed You! Black Emperor or Zoviet France then you should check it out.

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23rd January 2006

doubtful325:04pm: does anyone have a "such great heights" icon?

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14th December 2005

brighteyes198312:19am: complete song list??
i was wondering if anyone has or knows where i can find a complete postal service song list??

i want to try and download most of their stuff and a list would be a good thing to have

any help will be greatly appreciated

thank you

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10th December 2005

fantom_o_bndhal2:54pm: have you seen the postal service wallets, oh i so want one!

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4th December 2005


Check out this killer POSTAL SERVICE SHIRT i made! Its for sale and ending tonight! xoxo <3

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27th November 2005

thisgirlsup10:57pm: Hi. I need some help answering a question for my boyfriend.
We're trying to find out what kind of synthesizer The Postal Service uses. We've searched everywhere...
but we can't find it. Anyone?

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14th November 2005

vkxonline6:41pm: Custom Postal Service / Google Homepage
Click Here

You can change all the links and make it your homepage.

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8th November 2005

thebeatles3116:37pm: new member!
hello out there!
i'm a new member here. my name is Lindsay, and i love, enjoy and appreciate ALL kinds of music. except country. blech.
i was wondering if any of you might have any icons with lyrics from any of these Postal Service songs:

-Such Great Heights
-Sleeping In
-Nothing Better
-Recycled Air
-Clark Gable
-Brand New Colony

if you do, please comment and i'll credit appropriately!
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5th November 2005

fantom_o_bndhal7:28pm: come on kids... let's make this community a bit more active... its sad when you come on here and there's no new posts... so.... let's get to it darlins!

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12th October 2005

insanityonabun11:37am: New Commercial
So what did you guys think of "We Will Become Silhouettes" on the new Civic commercial?

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28th September 2005

socialfreeakdom4:50pm: Much like the M&M's, Civic has now decided to use an actual TPS song on their commercial...
I'm not sure if I like the idea that TPS is going semi-mainstream but then, they have something unique and I can't expect that to be ignored. However, it's nice to recognize something on TV that isn't aimed towards any particular genre.

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7th September 2005

fantom_o_bndhal7:05pm: i know you want to help me...
soooooooo i live on the mississippi gulf coast and we were just hit with katrina. i have many many friends who have nothing to their names now, as are a lot of other people. im asking people to go through their clothes, and any that they've out-grown or just don't wear anymore, donate them to the red cross or another hurricane katrina relief aid. there are so many people down here with nothing, its astonishing. i know all of you are awesome, and i know you won't let me down, i mean, come on, i listen to the postal service too, and so do a bunch of others down here that need your old clothes. just comment if you have questions.


ps. we're basically starting a BRAND NEW COLONY down here, so much has been destroyed.

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27th August 2005

emo_kid_kisses12:18pm: the postal service makes me wet

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22nd August 2005

forgottenrazor4:58pm: Hello.everyone

I'm new to this community and i'm so glad that i've actually found a community that appreciates such a great band like the postal service.I actually just found the band and already have both of they're albums.
I'm also looking to make new friends on LJ.so i'll be glad to meet new people.

oh,and my xanga journal is the postal service based.
check it out

Journal Here
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19th August 2005


I was clearing out my computer and getting rid of old icons and i found these i made in June. Pictures I found with death cab lyrics on them. um...they're not very good, i only have microsoft paint, so please be kind. and if you're taking any of them please credit me or i'll hunt your down!!!!!!!!!!

comment when you're taking/using. 


only three, hardly deserving of an lj-cut


1.  2.  3.

lalala..this is cross posted :)


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12th August 2005

bohemiandream_9:39pm: hello! it's lil_rawker!! i just have a different username!!! so please don't delete me !!!! goodbye!!!!!

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22nd July 2005

likeomgkris6:25pm: what does it take to get a drink in this place?
i heart the postal service. they are a very excellent group. i listen to them while i sleep, and while i do other activities. they're very calming, and they help me think.
i heard about that USPS thing a really long time ago.. but i don't really know any details. wasn't the deal that TPS was gonna play some USPS bash thing every year, and the post office would sell postalservice cds? that's pretty fly.
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15th July 2005

insanityonabun12:35pm: I heard about the whole deal with the Federal Postal Service, but it's cool that it all got cleared up...

I also think it's cool that they might do commercials for the real postal service, and that the real postal service is going to be selling their stuff, too.
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14th July 2005

lil_rawker2:11pm: hello!!
im new here, and ive just become a postal service and dcfc fan recently. i love their music and their lyrics, and i was wondering if anybody could perhaps make me a postal service or dcfc layout. i know its alot to ask, but i was just wondering....and if they could...could they make it all colour co-ordinated and give me the overrides etc? im sorry to ask so much, but if it was possible i would be SO thankful and i would credit credit credit like mad!

ps: im looking for some new friends, so if you'd like to be my friend, leave a comment i'll be glad to be yours!!
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9th July 2005

lack_of_color_26:39pm: tps and m&ms commercials
has anyone seen the new m&ms commercials that use Such Great Heights?
opinions on the use of the song in the commericals?

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fantom_o_bndhal5:32pm: ridin out dennis... you know what that means??

non-stop postal service being played in my portable cd player whilest i sit in darkness that is the 'power outage'

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8th July 2005

insanityonabun12:39pm: I was looking for some band shirts online the other day but I couldn't find any. Do they have any band shirts????
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