brittany (fantom_o_bndhal) wrote in thpostalservice,

i know you want to help me...

soooooooo i live on the mississippi gulf coast and we were just hit with katrina. i have many many friends who have nothing to their names now, as are a lot of other people. im asking people to go through their clothes, and any that they've out-grown or just don't wear anymore, donate them to the red cross or another hurricane katrina relief aid. there are so many people down here with nothing, its astonishing. i know all of you are awesome, and i know you won't let me down, i mean, come on, i listen to the postal service too, and so do a bunch of others down here that need your old clothes. just comment if you have questions.


ps. we're basically starting a BRAND NEW COLONY down here, so much has been destroyed.
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